Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Stage Bread

There comes a time when you will need to make stage food for a show. Having been in shows where real food was used, it comes as a nasty shock when you go to dish up you portion and you are greeted with a large lump of mold. When possible I always recommend using fake food on set.

The first food item that comes to mind is bread, that staple food that has been around for centuries. The show I am currently working on requires several loaves of bread and is in a fantasy setting, so we needed to make rounded bread rather than rectangular modern bread.

The director recommended foam for construction, so I hunted out an old sofa seat cushion and set to work. 

First, I squared off sections of foam about the size of a bread pan using a knife. Then I used a pair of heavy duty scissors to round the corners and shape the loaves. The final step was to paint them a toasty orange/brown color to sell the effect.

As I grew more confident in my foam sculpting skills, I set out to make cinnamon rolls as well. 

The process was similar. Start by squaring off lumps of foam about the right size for the rolls, then round the corners. I drew a guide line with a sharpie to help me get the spiral right with the scissors. When I paint these I will add a dash of brown in the crevices to suggest cinnamon.