Friday, May 27, 2011

Lawn mower conversion- Bushing

I have purchased a bushing to match up the blade adapter to the drive shaft, I have also mounted the motor using masonite for my adapter plate, this will need to be lined with tin or aluminum before all is said and done so that it doesn't rot.

I have other pictures that I will post tomorrow, along with new photos as I hope to get the blade adapter mounted by the end of the day.

Also on the back burner, I have purchased a donor car for my electric conversion, a 1989 Plymouth Sundance for $400. I am driving it as is until I can purchase the parts to convert it.

Lawn mower conversion- gas motor pulled.

Gas motor off, and everything sitting roughly where it will end up.

Lawn mower conversion- blade distance

Measuring the blade distance so that it is in the correct place when all is said and done.

Lawn mower conversion- new power cord

New power cord for the electric mower.

Lawn mower conversion- motor and battery

The 3/4 HP motor and donor battery.

Lawn mower conversion- Starting Photo

Here is the original lawnmower.