I played Hacky-sack A LOT as a teen, and recently I introduced the toy/game to my children. I broke out my old foot bag and made a pattern so they could each have their own:

Free Hacky-sack Pattern

In addition to making one for each of my children I started scouring YouTube for tutorial videos to help them learn the basic kicks, stalls, and serves. You can see some of these videos down below.

Basic Skills:

Foot serve
Knee bump
Chest bump
Toe kick
Inside kick
Outside kick
Delay or Stall


Count up- Try to use the same technique as many times in a row as possible.
Kill- Played in a circle with friends. When the sack is hit 3 times, a player may grab it with their hands and throw it at another player. If the player is hit, they are out. A variation on this is that the sack must be kicked at the other player.
Only Toes- Only use the Toe Kick and see how long you and your friends can keep it off the ground.
Change up- You can't use the same technique 2 times in a row. See how long you can go without repeating a move. Play by yourself or with friends.

Video Tutorials:

Epic Routine

As you learn more moves you can eventually put together a routine, like the one below.

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