Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Electric Scooter Tune-up

Finally got around to fixing the electric scooter that had a blow out on us in Rexburg. I was on my way back home (5 miles south of town in Lyman) when the rear tire went out as I was going down University Boulevard to 5th West.

I checked the batteries to make sure they would charge last Saturday, they miraculously did after no use and no maintenance for 2 years. Then last night I pulled the rear tire assembly appart to find one tiny hole in the innertube. It was the tire wall that took the beating, so I could have had this fixed right after the tire went out. A new tire is $25 from the website (, we own the x-360 model.) The brake needs replaced as well ($29), but that can wait. It is just over a mile to work with 2 uphill stretches on the way home. I will take it for a test ride tonight to make sure it will make it the distance. I am going to assume the battery life has been somewhat depleted as a result of its lack of attention and use.

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