Wednesday, July 31, 2013

5 Things- A guide to editing your life

Too Much Stuff

I have been maried for seven years now, and I regret to admit that I brought more boxes of "stuff" into the marriage than anything else. We have moved 3 times during that time and each time we had to move boxes and boxes of my stuff. During the last few years, since we moved into our present home, I have come to the realization that I have used almost nothing from all those boxes of stuff.

So what is the big deal you ask? I have had to store all those boxes the past seven years and haven't used ANY of it. Those boxes have cost me time (each time I did try to find something), money (we had to buy a shed to store them in when we moved into our current home), and energy (each time we moved). This week I have determined that I will get rid of as many of those boxes as I possibly can, so I can use that space for things we do use that are crowding the house and yard (my tools, bicycles, etc...).

As I see it less stuff should equal more time, money, and energy.

My plan to accomplish this:

Keep 5 things or less from each box, then photograph/document the rest and throw it away.

Really all I am storing are memories. Memories don't have to take up that much space! A picture of some project I made in Cub Scouts or 4-H is just as good as the project itself. Pictures can be stored on a computer or in a scrap book which takes up much less space than the dozen boxes my memories currenly occupy.

I didn't learn to live without clutter until I was in college. I served a two year mission for my church after getting my Associate's Degeree and lived in some very messy appartments. When I returned to college I tried to live with as little clutter as possible, but my past was sitting in all these boxes still filling up my life. In order to focus on the present and plan for the future, I need to take care of my past. So that is the plan for this week, to take care of my past so that it can stop haunting me.

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