Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Solar Oven Redesign

Here is a redesign of my solar oven. After looking at how my parents set up theirs, these modifications seemed appropriate. It reaches roughly the same temperatures (roughly 175° - 200° F) without any insulation, so I imagine if I were to insulate the outside of the box now it would probably go higher and reach a more appropriate cooking temperature.

My previous design was precarious at best and difficult to use. The idea here is simple, and efficient.
I removed the insulation and cut the box at a 45 degree angle (ideally you would want this to compliment your latitude so the sun has a 90 degree angle of entry.) I lined the inside with aluminum foil, and spray painted the non-glazed side of six tiles. These hold heat extremely well! I put nails into a board at the correct spacing to hold the glass firmly against the opening of the box. This box is big enough to fit our smallest cookie sheet. To cook something I can now tip the glass forward without assistance and set the tray in the oven.

We have successfully done quesedillas, bread pizza, and cheasy garlic bread in this oven.

For future improvements I hope to build a weatherproof outer box and insulate it. I also plan on mounting the glass properly, and perhaps build it so the back of the oven opens more like a traditional oven, that way I don't lose heat everytime I lift the lid.

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