Monday, December 6, 2021

Lighting Kits

Budget Kit

If you are super strapped for cash, go to your local harware store and pick up some scoop lights with LED floodlight bulbs. This is about as inexpensive as you can get. Also grab some dimmer switches and extension cords for an entry level light board. I don't recommend running more than 4-5 instruments per dimmer with this set up. This solution is for small to medium stages.

Medium Kit

Same scoop lights as the Budget Kit, but this time get smart bulbs with color options and a wifi router. This will take some technical know how to set up, but the lights can be run from your phone!

Junior Pro Kit

For smaller stages, get 4 low cost LED instruments (the kind DJs use) and an inexpensive dmx controller. This will give you lots of versatility for the smallest price tag. Still requires some technical know how, but no wifi router!

Professional Kit

Get 12-16 Pro LED instruments and a dmx controller. You should be able to do whatever you need to with this kit on medium and large stages.

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