Tuesday, December 28, 2021

2x4ft Mobile Platforms

As I began looking at options for a portable stage I discovered these miniature platforms that are easy to build and move. They cost about $20 to build and can be assembled in under an hour.

Parts list
2 2x4s
1 sheet particle board 2x4 feet

Cut list
2 2x4s at 4 feet
4 2x4s at 21 inches

Pre-drill holes in the 4 foot 2x4s at 1 inch and 16 inches from each end. secure the 21 inch 2x4s at these points with 2.5 inch screws. Lay the particle board on top and drive 1.25 inch screws along one edge, then square up the opposite side and finish securing the particle board.

 Once assembly is complete, throw on a coat or two of black paint and your platform is good to go! 

One thing I really like about this platform design (aside from being inexpensive to build) is that you can stack them to make a multi-level set or stairs without worrying about your underlying supports. They work great as a portable stage or as part of a set of platforms on a normal sized stage.

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