Monday, January 3, 2022

Stage Knife


A prop found in many shows, especially fantasy and mystery or suspense shows is a big knife. An easy way to make this prop is with a real knife and a dremel or grinding wheel. 

I found this knife at a second hand store for $2. I looked for one with a nice handle and a deep enough blade that when I cut the sharp edge of the blade off it still looked natural. I also rounded off the tip so it wouldn't hurt anyone on accident. This process essentially reverses the knife back to a blank, so that it is dull on all edges. 

Care should still be taken during the show so that the actors are kept safe. The prop master or weapon master should be on hand to give this knife to the actor as they go on stage, and to receive it from them as they exit. Not to say that actors mess around with props when they shouldn't, but it happens. Just play it safe and make sure it gets back on the prop table asap!

That being said, this is a gorgeous knife! And the glint of light on the steel blade really sells the prop to the audience. 

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